Mission & Vision

// CHANGE //
  • These processes and assignments, in the first 45 days, will allow men to shine light into their dark and realize that they are not alone.
  • Come to the realization that their addictions are just side effects of a deeper heart issue.
  • Allowing men to expose their true thoughts of themselves and allow them to profess this to other men in a safe space.
  • Initiate the process of telling the truth, being transparent, trusting, and respect.
  • Build a bond through sharing and accountability.
  • Allowing men to dive deeper into themselves, exposing things that have not been dealt with before.
  • Giving men the power to create change in their world view, creating a paradigm shift, giving them a glimpse into what is possible for their lives.
  • Allowing men to start to experience true movement, in all areas of their lives, by simply excepting that where they are today is not where they are going to be tomorrow.
  • Processes and assignments allowing them to challenge and test this paradigm shift that has now happened.
  • Designed to challenge the men to create new routines, new thought patterns, and new habits in their everyday lives.
  • Creating small wins in everyday life to accomplish BIG goals.
  • Setting daily, weekly, and monthly targets with clear and precise action plans to accomplish them
  • Access to local mentors and specialists to help in areas of need
  • Charting progress and celebrating the small wins
  • Creating confidence and stability during a critical part of recovery
  • Giving back to the community by donating time to originations in need
  • Creating and army of mentors that are better equipped to help others overcome addictions
  • Speaking truth and life at local treatment facilities, churches, and local event
  • The spirit of giving is proof of a spirit healing