Empowering men to shatter the chains that have kept them bound to their current situation by creating change, movement, momentum, and community.

Next Steps Today is a process that provides men the opportunities to rise up, be empowered, and create movement with change in their current situation; and in return will create momentum in all areas of their lives, those around them, and in the community.


We are here to fill two voids in the recovery process after men exit a treatment program, and start to transition back into society.


The first void is that we allow men to strengthen their foundations by focusing on four (4) key areas within themselves, all with real life application which allow a true change in their hearts and minds.


The second void is to create an army of mentors equipped to help others, the church, and the community! These men will be equipped with a process and tools, that they will be able to pass on to others that are in need of shattering chains that are keeping them bound to their current situation.

What is Next Steps Today?