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Before applying, it’s important to understand our Resident Guidelines to ensure our program aligns with your readiness for change. These guidelines are essential for maintaining a supportive and productive environment.

Sobriety and Testing

Applicants must be sober for at least 72 hours before admission and will undergo drug/alcohol testing. This ensures a safe and sober start to the program.

Participation and Cooperation

Residents are expected to engage in light duties like cooking and cleaning as part of community living. Willingness to participate in assigned projects and maintain a positive attitude is crucial.

Rules and Regulations

Strict rules govern the use of substances, personal conduct, and visitations. These include no tolerance for tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, limited phone calls, and specified visiting hours. Compliance with these rules is mandatory for continued participation in the program.

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Remember, the path to recovery begins with a single step of courage and a heart open to change. Let your journey to a new life start here.


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Before beginning the application, please take a moment to gather your thoughts and information. This application requires your full attention and thorough responses, as it cannot be saved midway. Once completed, it will be sent directly to our administrative team for review. We understand the importance of your journey and will respond to your application as promptly as possible. Your commitment to completing this form is the first step in your transformative journey with Next Steps Today