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Why Give To Next Steps Today

Changing Lives In Greenville

Giving away money is easy. Giving it away wisely is more difficult, but perhaps more satisfying. The opioid crisis has steadily claimed a staggering, new record of overdose deaths, each year since 2001. 2022 was the highest on record, with some 107,000 lives lost, and families grieving.

As a result, traditional rehabilitation programs are booming. An internet search for “addiction treatment Greenville SC” returned 40+ unique locations. The proof of their effectiveness lies in one sobering truth: 2% is both the national average for successful addiction recovery, and the average of success from these peers.

Transformative Support

Surpassing national recovery rates, our 32% success milestone illustrates the profound change we instigate, redefining lives beyond addiction.

Expansive Care

With your generosity, we're on the brink of opening two new recovery homes, ready to nurture 14 more souls towards a brighter tomorrow.

“The brotherhood and bonds formed through Next Steps have been a beacon during our darkest times.”


Years Of Experience

Your gift of $19.41 multiplies fivefold, turning into $80.59 worth of healing services at Next Steps Today.

The Impact

You might be asking yourself: what result will my donated dollars achieve?

In 2022, a few dozen hearts contributed a generous $43,000 to Next Steps Today, nearly one-fifth of our overall budget. 2023 has brought us a new enrollment record of 82 clients, and counting. This is no coincidence because more gifts allow us to leverage other types of support and continue to enroll donors to break the chains of addiction, each passing year.

Thanks to our low overhead, maximum efficiency model, every $19.41 you give to Next Steps Today creates another $80.59 in program services for enrollees. That’s a multiplier of 5!

Our efficiencies extend to our clients too. 2022 expenses were just $3,835 per client (on average). Taken together, that means that a philanthropic gift of $767 allow us to enroll a client for a whole year of treatment and support.

That’s right, just $63.91 per month to change a life forever.


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